Pop Up Shops Terms for Traders

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MY BACKGROUND  I had a retail shop in Wingate for 13 years and decided to close just before the Covid carry on.  I loved it, it was my baby.  But over recent years became quite disaolusioned with the craft industry and it's 'manufactuers' as well as seemingly regular landlord and utility battles.  I was working for others and not myself so I decided to go 'mobile', work from home with the backing on my website and pop up shops.  Seeing people and interacting with customers is wonderful, it's the best of both worlds.

  I'm the sole organiser of our pop up shops.  I don't take any financial bneefit from doing so, any extra funds would go towards having new banners created or printing posters.  It simply gives me a platform to sell my own product on my own terms, taking other traders with me both reduces my own costs, promotes other independents as well as more sellers, means more of a customer footfall.

SHARING THE PROMO in exchange for a low pitch fee
I don't pay for advertising and have found over the years, free ads work the best.  I use contacts with the free local papers, social media, using my own newsletter database as well as POSTERS.  Posters really work in my experience.  So, although I'm happy to create my OWN EVENT POSTERS as well as an image to share on social media, I would request that fellow traders USE this resource and share the pants off it.  It benefits us all by increasing footfall, takings and a successful shopping experience for customers, making it more likely customers will seek us out and visit future events. 
EVENT LIST!!  Click on venue for details.  There's more to come, still awaiting some venues to lift restrictions.

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