Stallholders Terms & Conditions

For stallholders at events & pop up shops.

(For individual event information - fees, venues etc, visit events)

Details regards event, venue & booking, the link is in the emailed information I send you.
GENERAL BOOKING:    All stallholders will be invited by email.  If you have a plot preference please say so or a plot will be allocated to you and a ref number given.  Once a plot has been allocated, you will receive a provisional booking email, this will remain provisionally yours for 1 week only (7 days). Allowing reasonable time to effect payment. Once payment has been made, you will receive Booking confirmation email. All plots must be paid for at time of booking (refunds issued in accordance with our cancellation policy).
Stallholders are invited or refused at the organiser’s discretion. Some preference generally given to more local traders rather than out of the area.  (MARKETS not destash)
Non-attendance.  Should a trader book & pay for a plot and not turn up, the organizer will attempt to re-let the space and make a donation to our chosen charity

BOOKING & ENQUIRIES Telephone Helen 07766130213
PAYMENT:  Payment must be made by Bank Transfer, details will be given with the email confirming your provisional booking.  This email will contain a BOOKING REF which MUST be quoted with your payment.  This should be made within 1 week (7 days) of provisional booking (if there is an issue and need more time, contact me).  If you were invited at short notice, payment would be expected within 24 hours.
GENERAL CANCELLATION POLICY:   If the organiser cancels the event, full refund will be given on balance of payment.
i) If a trader cancels their booking:  (a) More than 2 weeks (14 days**) before event a £5 admin fee is deducted from the balance refunded.  (b) Less than 2 weeks before event, no refund is given and if the plot is re-sold , after £5 admin fee, the balance will be donated to our chosen charity, Ark Therapies **
ii) If a trader wanted to move a booking to another date/venue, this will be treated the same way as a cancellation and all of that policy would apply, ie: £5 admin fee added and payable 7 days before event..
Outdoor plots (MARKETS ONLY).   i) and ii) above would apply.  iii) Cancellation due to extreme weather/winds at venue and agreed by organiser, any balance payment would be refunded. Deposit is non-refundable.
INSURANCE  IF IT IS required for chosen event, a copy should be given to the organiser at time of  booking confirmation and valid for the date of the event. Latest 1 week (7days) before.
SAFETY REGULATIONS etc.  Stallholders much ensure their product are produced / supplied in accordance with the current safety guidelines including environmental health/hygiene, food, fire and trading standards. 
TIDY.  Any unpacking, empty cases, wrappings, boxes etc must be safely stowed and hidden from view. Any rubbish should be removed and disposed of by the stallholder.
TABLE DRESSING  We like a nice smart market.  Indoor plots should have a LONG TABLE CLOTH to hide any of the mechanics and stuff stored under your table.  Giving a nice uniform effect to the layout of the market.  Colour is completely unimportant.  A single flat sheet will suffice under a shortcloth if reqd.
PHOTOS The organiser may take photos of your stall/product that may be used for marketing purposes, inc social media & print.
VENUE  All venue details, location, set up and trading times are given in the event information and group chat.  Will cover everything from WiFi to trolley access.  Whether you can grab a cuppa and where the nearest supermarket is.  
TRADING HOURS.   NO EARLY PACK UPS.  Stallholders are strictly expected to be set up and ready to trade for entire duration that the event is open to the public, as a courtesy to their fellow traders and at the request of the organiser.  Should a stallholder have to leave early, they would be expected to speak to the organiser first.  .  If this is not adhered to, the organiser reserves the right to cancel or refuse any future bookings and a stallholder’s cancellation will apply under the policy.  if the event is 10am until 2pm, you will be expect to be open for business until 2pm.
PLOT  All plots are good plots.  All plot details are given in the event information (link in invitation email), which also shows a floor plan.  Details will state plot size and whether tables/chairs are provided or if you need to bring your own.   Plots are carefully measured and you can set up how and whatever you like within your boundary, as long as it does not encroach, onto pathways or neighbour stalls, or cause a tripping hazard.  If it does, you will be asked to change it.  If you’re unsure at all, please just ask.  If unsure about whether plot is big enough, mask off measured area on your floor at home and practice set up.
EVENT CHAT  on booking you will be invited to a whatsaap chat, specific to event.  First point of contact for information, directions, questions, any last minute changes and even advice.  I strongly recommend you join.  There will be TWO group chats (1 is INFO, ONLY - everything you need to know I will automatically join you after payment.  The other is CHAT, purely optional but would recommend certainly if it's your first time, good for networking or seeking advice.
PROMOTION  you will be expected to promote your booked event.  Several high resolution images are available to use on your website, social media, your contact list or print off for your local pub.  Not just once, several times between booking and the day itself.  It’s in EVERY TRADERS interest to do this and it will be discussed on the chat at length.  The organiser will  always request free listing in local paper’s WHAT’S ON

AGREEMENT to our T&Cs.  By making payment, you are agreeing to each and every one of these terms automatically. 

(Last updated 31st January 2024) (chat info added & special conditions relating to Shotton hall venue removed)