Shotton Hall is a beautiful grand house (Built 1760) and in it's own grounds.  Popular venue for weddings and large functions.  Fully DDA Compliant (Wheelchair access).   Quick access southbound off A19.

Two Day Event, Sat 11th Nov 2023 & Sun 12th Nov. 
Christmas Shopping Event (Trading 10am-4pm)

33 Plot options Inside, 20 plot options outside.
Prices given are per plot, per day


This is our second Christmas Shopping Event at this venue, similar to 2022 but now over two days and outside space too.

Vibe:  This is not a 'Craft fair' although craft is allowed.  This is QUALITY fayre and aimed at businesses who mean business, offering a top notch presentation and product. Absolutely anything & everything Christmas!  DECOR, GIFTS, TREATS and SERVICES,  INCLUDING as:  gift, hampers, food, drink, sweet, Cards, decorations, vouchers for lunch, beauty treatment or a Reiki massage.  (Not forgetting to treat our our furry friends too).

Market Tribe:  By Invitation.  We want stallholders that mean business,  that don't let any day job get in the way and pull out the stops with a back-up plan to make their commitment happen, not be swayed by having a lie in or a better offer.   Promoting the event through social media platforms, posters and flyers.  ON trading days, all ready to go by opening and ABSOLUTELY no packing up early.  You will not be asked to return.

PLOT PRICES:   Are given next to each plot description below - Highlighted in colour to match the floor plan.  They are per plot, per each day,

DEPOSIT: £10 payable to secure booking, per plot x per day, (booking 1 plot for both days, £20 payable) balance payable by 1st September 2023.  Deposit is non-refundable.


DOUBLE DAY DISCOUNT;  Book both days, get £5 off final fee
(eg. 2 days @ £28 B-plot, £20 deposit payable, balance £31)
(eg. 2 days @ £30 outside, £20 deposit payable, balance £35)



is approx 94ft long x 45ft at widest points.  Room is accessible via main entrance, through the foyer and straight in.  Two entrances will be open on the day to ease setting  up however only the main entrance will be used during 'opening times' 10am-4pm.
Floor plan

There are various plots/tables available to suit all needs.  Each are priced accordingly.  Some are plots only, some include tables, please DOUBLE CHECK your requirements before booking.    Each has a type LETTER and the NUMBER of the table, please choose several preferences as some plots be be gone already.  If you or a member of your party is
disabled and needs better access to your stall, please TELEPHONE me and we can discuss best plot for your access to/from your stall as well as to suit your business.
Pathways generally around the room are minimum 4ft wide.
The configuation of the tables has been designed to keep customers engaged and present as long as possible.   My experience of long lines of parralell tables have a rat run effect, customers lash past, don’t see much of whats on offer and their out and we just DON’T want that.


VERY IMPORTANT;  *Plot sizes are strict. 
PLEASE READ  Inside will be marked on the floor with tape, your business, stalls, chairs, stock must remain inside it and NOT encroach onto other plots or pathways.  If you want stuff infront of your table, you must pull your table back and it must fit within the boundary of your plot. 

£28 Plot (B) 8x6ft. (nos 2B-19B)  This is plot only, MOST of these are wall position.  You will need to bring your own table if you require one but chairs are provided.  You can fill your plot how you please, table, shelving, stands, whatever.

£48 Table (D) 9ft x 6.5ft (Nos 23D-29D)   Table / Counter top only.  9ft,4" x 6ft,6".   Table is configured into a U shape.  2 long sides of 9ft,4" long bridged by a 2'2" sq table.  Total length of 20ft,6" of counter top space.  Counter is 2ft,2" wide.  Surrounded by pathways on 3 sides there is NO ROOM for product or stands on the floor it would become a tripping hazard.    Space inside the U is 7ft,2" x 2ft,2".    Chairs provided if req

£35 Plot (F) 8x10ft profile (nos 30F & 31F) This is plot space only, 8ft wide along a straight wall x 10ft into the room.    You will need to bring your own tables if you require one but chairs are provided.  Ideal for display stands, shelving, artworks, etc. You can fill your plot how you please, table, shelving, stands, whatever. 

£35 Plot (G) 10x8ft landscape (Nos 32F & 33F)  This is plot space only, 10ft wide along the wall x 8ft into the room. (33 backs onto the french doors onto the grounds outside.  Lots of light)  You will need to bring your own tables if you require one but chairs are provided.  Ideal for display stands, shelving, artworks, etc. You can fill your plot how you please, table, shelving, stands, whatever.   

£28 Plot (A) 6x7.5ft+  Right next to main entrance.  There are two doors on the back wall of this plot as you can see from the plan.  These are in/out for kitchen and will not be used during the event.  The recess along the wall if 7.5ft but there is a little more wall space you can use for something not too bulky, as suggested on the plan.  6 ft deep outward into the room.  The main doors open outwards so you are not behind doors. chairs provided.




Outside plots £20 per day.  (One plot for both days is £35 total, £20 deposit)
Space for 20 Gazebo plots on the very flat lawned areas outside.   Plot numbers 35-54 inc, these are PLOT ONLY, you must bring your entire set up (gazebo, table etc).  Plots are strictly max 13ft x13ft, stallholders should work together to get them into a tidy row in accordance with the plan. Any guide ropes must be highlighted as very visible as tripping hazard where required.
  Nothing must be left outside after trading/pack up certainly not overnight after Saturday trading, the gardens are a public area and not secured.

You must have your own public liability insurance/market trader policy is ideal if you're not already covered. CMTIA are great.  Apply online £59 sorts you for the whole year. www.cmtia.co.uk.   I need sight of valid policy documents 2 weeks before event latest.  Email, screenshot, photo.  If you’re trading WITHOUT insurance, you really shouldn’t be and you WON’T be trading with us. 

IMPORTANT - Insurance, overnight stock.  If you're trading inside and over the two days you are able to leave your stall set up ready for the next day.  I will be last out of the room and first in in the morning BUT PLEASE NOTE, should there be damage or theft due to break in etc overnight, the venue is NOT covered for anything of yours, you will need to ensure you have your own cover.

FOOD SELLERS:  To trade with us you must be registered with your local council and have an excellent food hygene score.  Fresh food, spit guards are an excellent assurance for customers.

HOME MADE PET TREATS You MUST be registered with Food Standards Agency and provide your reg number when you book.

SOAPS, BATHBOMBS, WAX MELTS, CANDLES  if you are making these for sale you should have CPSR and CPLP conformance & be registered with local EHO where necessary.

ALCOHOL:  An application will be made for OFF SALES licence for alcohol.  If you intend to sell alcohol, please enquire at time of booking.

by end August I will have fb event and digital poster created. It’s ALL our responsibility to get this out there, most of us have different contact/address book, lets utilize the power of social media.   

BOOKING:  If you’ve been invited here, please TELEPHONE me to discuss your plot requirements (I will give you a PLOT REF NUMBER) and I’ll pencil you in, please don’t text/inbox/email.


Deposit: £10 deposit per plot x per day is payable to book your plot. I allow up to 5 working days for you to pay deposit after provisional booking.  (eg, book Friday, I would expect payment before midnight following Friday night).Balance is payable on all plots before 1st September to secure. That plot is yours unless your miss the 1st September deadline to pay the balance. If you'd like to pay the balance in instalments BEFORE the deadline, that's fine too, just ask and we can make a plan.

Payment: Payment must be made by Bank Transfer and a reference code quoted with that payment. That reference is exclusive to you and enables us to tie up all of your payments with that booking. Do not make a payment without using this 'Code'. Bank details and your ref code is given once you have been allocated a suitable plot, if you don't have a code, you're not booked in.

CANCELLATION; Deposit it strictly non refundable. Our standard cancellation policy applies for the balance of your payment.

What I expect from your as a stallholder and what you should expect from me as an organiser. Link to T&Cs in our provisional booking. You must read before making payment. Making payment is automatic agreement.



  • Trading:  OPEN to public 10am until 4pm.  Sellers MUST NOT pack up before 4pm.  If you cannot stay until 4pm, please don't book. 

  • Set up/pack up:  Hall will be open from 8.30am until 4.30pm or later.  2 main doors will be open to ease traffic during this time.

  • Parking  Pull up to the entrances to unload etc then move your vehicle to the left side of the entrance to a designated area.  There is a canny car park but we're expecting lots of buyers too so lets make sure there's plenty space for them to stay. 

  • Chair requirements:  I'll sort them around a week before via group chat.

  • Lunch/refreshments.  Best bring a packed lunch with you.  There will be a hot drinks vendor outside.

  • Rubbish.  Please take it ALL HOME WITH YOU. Any bins outside are for visitors only and to keep the site tidy, these bags will all be going home with ME!


ANYTHING ELSE?  if I've missed something, just ask
Helen Knight

07766 375236
07766 130213