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Christmas Shutdown



We are closing our doors shortly for the Christmas and New Year holiday.   Our  business hours and given below.  We close 1pm Chrhistmas Eve and open the Thursday and Friday between Christmas and the New Year.  Then open again Tues 5th January - with us bright eyed and bushy-tailed once again.

Christmas Thoughts .........  As Christmas is not always a happy time for many, whether missing loved-ones, loneliness, health issues or financial worries.  As it is the season of giving, what could be more precious than time?  as it's free, why not give just a minute and take advantage of your free emails, text messages and telephone minutes or even pop a note through someones door to let them know they are in your thoughts.  Hugs are also FREE.

We would like to wish EVERYONE a very happy, RELAXING Christmas and a rather wonderful 2017 and thank you for your continued support since 2008. 

Thank you.

Helen & Kevin


Thur 22nd Dec      - normal 9-5

Fri 23rd Dec         - normal 9-5

Sat 24th Dec        9am – 1pm  

Mon 26th                 closed

Tues 27th                closed            

Wed 28th -                  closed

Thurs 29th            9am – 4pm

Fri 30th                 9am – 4pm 

Sat 31st                closed

Mon 2nd                   closed

Tues 3rd                     closed                     

Wed 4th                  closed

Thurs 5th                - normal 9-5





 During our times of closure and you need to contact us,  

please feel free to ;-

  • Telephone 01429 837467 and leave a message

  • (recommended) email us or use the contact form

        WWe promise to get back to you asap after re-opening during trading hours  


  • Orders received on/after 23rd December.  These orders will be processed & shipped as soon as possible after we re-open 5th Jan

Our shop will close 1pm on Sat 24th Dec and reopen Thur 5th Jan  - business as usual - Website is always open to take orders, payments and messages.